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Angeline Etta

Recruitment Specialist

She has an excellent track-record of networking and business development - skills she used when building her own successful business at the age of 22.

She is a spirited and empathetic champion for diversity, and a social media savvy Gen Z-er who aligns with the critical values of job satisfaction, employee development and retention. Angeline understands first-hand the struggles and importance of identity and culture fit in the current entry-level job market and is committed to bridging the gap between a growingly restless candidate base and employers who truly care. She also has experience with recruiting for junior and mid-level roles.


Angeline is a trained mezzo-soprano singer and can play the cello up to Level 8.
She spear-headed a campaign on campus whilst studying for her undergraduate (Media and Communications with Sociology BA) which quickly went viral and gained traction nationally with organisations such as the BBC and the UN.
She is also Justin Bieber’s biggest fan!

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Sales/Marketing Human Resources Admin/Ops

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