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Helen Webster

Recruitment Specialist

Helen offers specialist recruitment for all aspects of the creative sector, concentrating in particular on Digital and Creative Content, Design, Broadcasting, T.V. Editing and Production, Digital Marketing, Media Technology, Corporate Onboarding and Advertising, as well as all modes of E-learning and Animation.

As a seasoned professional with over 20years of experience within a range of industries including Publishing, Scriptwriting, Film Editing, Film Making, Print, Design, Illustration, E-learning, Animation, Recruitment and Retail; Helen provides tailored recruitment solutions across all aspects of the creative industry. Helen has a BA in Graphic Arts and a Masters in Scriptwriting and is Bafta nominated for one of her scripts.


Until a year ago, Helen used to live on a barge. She admits that it’s nice to live on land again but does miss seeing ducks swim past her kitchen window and waddle around her home.

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Sales/Marketing Admin/Ops Creative

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