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  • Rachel Doyle

Candidates have all the power and they’re enjoying every minute

Gone are the days when candidates would apply for any and all opportunities going – in the 2022 candidate driven market, they have all the power. Applicants are much more aware of the skills gaps and their value to the right company, which allows them to be much pickier about their future employer. Not to mention, their own values have changed. Job searchers are now looking for companies that align with their lifestyle, values and provide the desired environment for them to thrive in. Here are a few trends you can expect to see as a business owner in 2022.

Reduced number of applications

You may notice that the number of applications you receive for a vacancy is decreasing. This is because applicants are now far more selective and prefer to tailor their CVs to the companies and jobs they genuinely feel enthusiastic about. The good news? You will receive a higher number of quality applications from people that feel passionate about their desired role in your business.

Your EVP matters more than ever

Today’s candidate driven market is no longer interested in vague employee value propositions like ‘this is a great company to work for’. Employers need to go deeper than that and highlight their unique ethos and company qualities that will align with their ideal applicant. For example, some businesses may provide the perfect environment for someone who is assertive, hard-working and wants to climb up the corporate ladder quickly. Others may thrive in a nurturing environment with flexible work opportunities and a close-knit team. There is no right or wrong, however, a strong employer value proposition (EVP) will give you much better chances of attracting and retaining the right candidates. So, think of what makes you unique and ensure it is reflected throughout your marketing materials.

Remote recruitment covers a wider talent pool

For many employees, working from home has been an insightful period that has forced many employers to review their work environments. Companies are now more flexible in providing hybrid employment opportunities, becoming much more flexible in catering to the needs of their team members.

Remote recruitment also allows brands to cast a wider net for the talent pool, helping them to fill the skill gaps in their business. You no longer have to look for professionals in your immediate area or ask someone to relocate – simply by having the technology in place to facilitate remote working, you can increase your chances of finding the perfect candidate. Not to mention, screening the applicants virtually can be an effective way to save time and money.

Rise in planned recruitment

Candidate driven market has urged employers to rethink their hiring strategy. Simply relying on reactive recruitment, i.e., marketing your company to applicants when a position needs to be filled leaves you with a limited talent pool of candidates who are actively looking for work.

Instead, incorporating planned recruitment, including succession planning into your strategy will lead to better quality hires that align with your company vision. This means, reaching out to candidates before a position needs to be filled and making them aware of what you can offer. Otherwise known as passive candidates, they can make great hires as their decision is not driven by necessity, but rather genuine interest in working for you.

Greater focus on retention

Thanks to the variety of options available in today’s market, quality candidates are harder to find and even harder to retain. So don’t just focus on drawing them in! Your employer brand, company culture and aligning your values with the ideal candidate will make all the difference in the longevity of their career with you. Think of the benefits and rewards you can offer for their loyalty, as well as providing training and growth opportunities within the company.

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