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  • Nicky Webster-Hart

Got a problem? Why you should be honest about your Glassdoor reviews.

Yes, that’s right be honest about your Glassdoor reviews

First of all (and yes we know it sounds obvious) but it really is a good idea to check in and read the reviews. Own mistakes, issues, don’t argue and don’t sound like a robot (...”we have systems and policies in place….”). Be genuine, if you have had some negative reviews around onboarding or career progression or poor management style then use that information to make your organisation a better place to work. Glassdoor can give you all the answers you need to improve your talent retention and tell you where you need to focus on in terms of training and development (and on the positive side, it tell you where you are succeeding).

Make sure your senior team are reading the reviews too.

Relying on a handful of leaders at the very top to be decision makers, makes it harder for the organisation to respond to changes, especially if they are not as informed or involved. In top-down structured organisations, the leadership team can often be out of touch and this is when real change is hard to push through. Since the pandemic, when businesses have been forced to become agile, there are a number of reasons why a top-down approach is no longer relevant.

Agile means fast and adaptable and isn’t that exactly what every business should be?

If a business model is rigid and fixed then it’s difficult to change and this when issues arise. Additionally, an agile environment is more likely to nurture talent rather than a rigid model which can stifle innovation. Sometimes it can take time for change, depending on the size of the organisation and structure but in reality, businesses need to be agile. The senior leadership team needs to be involved and informed and working alongside the on-the-ground team so they can understand the issues and stay competitive in their marketplace. Getting employees involved in leadership decisions and trusting their judgement will always help to stay ahead of the game.

Why we need leaders

Of course we still need leaders but these need to be strong, flexible, and forward-thinking who set a good example by being involved, owning their own mistakes (we are human beings, not baked beans) and provide direction, example and motivation. The time has gone when titles and promotions were based on length of service. In an agile environment, businesses give employees the ability to lead without title essentially. If you are wondering how to get talented natural leaders, speak to Auxeris and we will work with you to find you the talent.

Own the mistakes

And finally….. Not every business gets everything right all the time - it’s much better to own your issues and say (and yes say this on Glassdoor too) that you have had issues in the past, you are aware and are putting in steps for real change and are looking for new team members to help them contribute into shaping a better business to work in…..push back and say you are now looking for people to help change the culture and are as committed as you are to making your organisation the best it can be. Demonstrate that you care about what your employees think and that you are committed to fixing the challenges that exist. Even better if you are involving employees in the process to project lead the change.

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