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  • Nicky Webster-Hart

Hiring won't be easy in 2022 but here's what you can do to get into shape

The core attributes of hiring in 2022

Hiring in 2022 is about agility of mindset and approach. Adaptability to shifting markets and understanding the candidate-led hiring process. Glassdoor have stated that they believe that 2022 will focus on navigating the new normal and employees’ elevated power.

It therefore stands to reason that the employers who are agile and adaptable are rethinking old ways of hiring, employee engagement and talent retention.

Build a powerful EVP

A good place to start in this rethink is to look at your EVP - your employee value proposition. If you want to attract the best candidates to your business, you need to create an EVP that truly sets you apart from the rest. In today’s fast paced, ever-evolving job market, quality talent is spoiled for choice. Professionals are no longer looking for just a job with a ‘good enough’ salary. Workplace culture, personal development, career progression, work life balance, wellbeing and other factors have come into play. Want to attract talent to your business? You need to focus on your EVP.

Understand what is driving talent acquisition

Intrinsically interlinked, health and wellbeing is a priority focus for many candidates. The whole experience during lockdown 1.0 was a mixed bag across the board. Some employees were furloughed, others were given a leave of absence and a number had to work extremely long hours to get everything done (think front line staff, retail employees and head office staff, supply chain) whilst adjusting to the new working environment. Those businesses that prioritised team wellbeing are being rewarded for their efforts.

An EVP to future proof your recruitment and talent retention

Your EVP should not be designed for the short term. Sure, it will help you attract high quality candidates, but it should also be focused on longevity and retaining talent. This will solidify your employer brand and help to build loyalty among your talented employees. Those employees then recommend your business, share their insights into working for your organisation and so it goes on. Take a step further than this and identify what challenges your applicants have in their working lives. Deliver training and experiences that they can enjoy and start to become an advocate of your business. Make it memorable and you will win hearts and minds.

Modelling talent on your best internal performers

Having a strong EVP and knowing where to find your talent is half the battle. The other half? Identifying your talent so you can recognise and match their expectations - what would your ideal candidate look for? Their age bracket, lifestyle and industry expectations will inform the likelihood they’ll be interested in your role and will be the start to help you develop a network of talent.

Values matter

Think of your company values and how they would align with your ideal candidate. Would they be expecting flexible work opportunities? What benefits can you offer that are unique to your company and allow you to compete with businesses in your industry? Perhaps you have a smaller company where you have a tight knit team and a better workplace culture than your corporate competitors. Or maybe you offer flexible work opportunities, and are committed to employee wellbeing. Supporting social causes and making a positive difference can also be appealing to the right candidate.

Personal development opportunities

On top of this, candidates are also interested in their career, development opportunities and having a possible career path with a company mapped out. If you can provide some clarity on potential future moves and what support will be given for them to develop, the better.

Of course, salary will be important for attracting top talent, but today’s job searchers are looking for more than that. They are looking for a community, development opportunities and a work environment that meets their expectations. If you are offering at the same time as a competitor with a matched salary it will be the added benefits and strength of EVP that secure the candidate.

These factors help you build a picture of what talent for your business looks like and from there you can start to build a network of talent either for now or in the future.

Top tips for talent retention

Hiring in 2022 isn’t easy but nor is talent retention. To increase talent retention, quite simply treat your candidates as if they were clients:

  • Respond quickly and politely.

  • Sell/pitch your business.

  • Offer all calls/video call options to fit in with the candidate’s schedule.

  • Ensure the right people are talking to the candidates - can they effectively assess talent and cultural fit? Is there someone better suited (if this was a client then only the best would be interacting with them).

  • Appreciate and be respectful and mindful that the candidate may have other options and that essentially they are looking for the opportunity that is right for them.

  • Communicate and keep on communicating.

  • Pay attention to market rates on salaries and pay what the role is worth, not what you want to pay.

  • Do not play games when you get to the offer stage. It will backfire on you and they will walk away. If you are still an organisation that does this then you are tragically out of touch, and no matter how good your benefits package is remember most candidates want to be paid what they are worth, will absolutely know the market rates and rarely change jobs without an uplift in base.

Partner with a specialist recruiter

Above all, you should also partner with a specialist recruiter, who can work with you to get to know your business and help you build your team otherwise you will spend most of their time scaling the market and will get this wrong. Partnering with Auxeris will provide a return on investment both now and in the future.

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