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  • Rachel Doyle

How employers should be building their brand

Over 80% of professionals would not apply to work for a business with a bad employer reputation or a lack of values and company ethos. In today’s competitive market, applicants hold companies to a much higher standard and failing to build your employer brand could result in a poor candidate pool as well as, on average, nearly 30% higher staff turnover. Don’t let this happen to you – follow our advice on building your brand.

Establish your Employee Value Proposition

What is the main reason your employees enjoy working for you? Is it the career progression opportunities? Frequent training? Excellent pay with benefits? Flexible working opportunities? Think of an employee value proposition that covers staff at all levels and benefits them individually. Interviewing current and past employees could be helpful to determine what makes your company a great place to work. Once you have narrowed it down, ensure your branding reflects it.

Create a strong company culture

Candidates are looking for more than just a job – they’re looking for a sense of community. In today’s hybrid work environments, it’s more important than ever to build a strong team that communicates and connects well with each other. Implementing great communication channels, a sense of authenticity and belonging could be one of your greatest assets in attracting and retaining quality talent.

Your company would not survive without its employees

Employee advocacy should be at the heart of building your employer brand. Creating a positive work environment that puts its people first by meeting their needs, looking after their wellbeing, and providing opportunities for growth will encourage others to join in. Ensure you champion your employees, show what it’s like to work for you in your marketing and you will also create word of mouth promotion that will build your reputation for you. Remember, your company is as good as your employees and your employees will respond to how well you advocate for them.

Focus on your values and wider impact

Today’s workers care about more than just a good salary and company culture. Millennials and Gen-Z professionals in particular will also factor in your environmental impact, diversity, and inclusion policy, as well as putting emphasis on looking after employee mental health. Identifying the values your business is built on and emphasising them in your branding will help attract candidates that resonate with those values. It will also build your reputation not only as a sought after employer but a conscious business that cares about their impact beyond financial gain and efficiency. Identify how you support and invest back in local causes and community projects.

Don’t reduce employer branding to careers pages

Your employee branding should start well before the recruitment process. Don’t just promote your company culture on careers pages and job adverts. Actively include it throughout your marketing materials and make it a part of your company story. You’ll be more likely to attract quality applicants and, most importantly, people who will gel with your team and genuinely want to work for you.

Ensure that your recruitment partner understands your brand

Whilst your recruitment partners are not necessarily promoting that they are working on behalf of your brand when advertising your roles; they will be required to sell in your opportunity to a candidate who matches your required experience and skills profile and is a personality fit. So it is important to ensure that your recruitment partner really gets your business and how the type of cultural fit that you need in your business. A good recruiter will be confident at doing this; they may choose to meet with your team in person or to have a vc to understand what the current team dynamic is about.

Get in touch with Auxeris

If you are looking to work with an experienced specialist recruiter get in touch with Auxeris. With a wide sector experience, we have a network of recruiters who are skilled in their niche recruitment segments. Find out more about our specialist recruiters here.

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