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  • Nicky Webster-Hart

How to get the best out of working with a recruiter.

A basic, but useful ‘how to’ guide on how organisations can really get the most of working with a recruiter because let’s face it, if you are paying for their expertise then isn’t it sensible to make the most of it? Why sabotage the process when you can enable it and really get the most of working with an expert recruiter.

Be clear on what you are looking for

Sounds simple doesn’t it? This is one of the biggest bugbears recruiters have - where their client doesn’t seem to know really what they are looking for and changes the goalposts of the talent search. Take some time and think about what you really need and clearly define your ‘must haves’ and ‘would likes’. Also challenge where qualifications and experience are needed. Perhaps have someone in mind as a benchmark to work from. When writing a job description/candidate specification try to keep it relatively brief (one or two pages).

Be available

Any good recruiter knows that you get some good information from a CV, more from a call but nothing beats a face to face meeting (even if it is a virtual one) to really vet and understand how a candidate would fit a role. The same goes for understanding a role and the business behind it. A great job spec is an extremely useful tool but your recruiter needs to also understand your business and its culture and to do that, they need to speak to someone and again, preferably face to face (including virtually). So if you are serious about hiring great talent, supply a fantastic brief that truly reflects the role and then put some time aside to chat it through with your recruiter. You will save yourself and your recruiter and the candidates involved in the process, bags of time and everything will run so much smoother.

Job specs on time

Be ready for a well written and concise job description to be completed and ready when you instruct your recruiter. They will use this as a guide to searching for your candidates and cannot proceed without it. Also make sure you have a clear timeline for your search process so your recruiter understands deadlines and can share the process with candidates so they are prepared.


Offer feedback at all stages - when you discount a CV explain why so your recruiter can shift focus and if you really like someone, again say why so your recruiter can remain their focus here. After interviews, it always helps to have some learning so be prepared to offer feedback to candidates and in return ask for feedback so you can sharpen up your processes for the future.

Do your research and have a realistic offering for candidates

Pretty much every company wants the best, talented individuals and to pay the lowest possible salary. Guess what? This doesn’t work. Pay low and you won’t attract who you need to for your business. At best you will have someone short term, but they will leave as soon as they realise how much more they can be earning elsewhere. Do your research and see what the market is paying. Allow your recruiters to show the salary (as this will also attract you the right talent) and be realistic about what candidates are looking for and what you can offer them.

Commit to interviews

Have a clear recruitment process timetable and make sure there is commitment from hiring managers to attend interviews within the time frame. You will lose good talent if you delay.

Be ready to make decisions quickly

If you like a candidate then move quickly. This is not the time to ‘have a look elsewhere’ because chances are you have seen the available talent and if you delay you will have lost out. Make sure your decision making processes are not reliant on paperwork and decisions can be made quickly. Candidates will be put off by organisations who are unable to make a decision or seem to delay.

Find an ace recruiter from Auxeris to work with

Putting all these factors together gives you the best tools to work with a recruiter and have slick hiring for your business. We’re Auxeris recruitment, the 15% agency. Not only will you save on your recruitment costs with us, you’ll be partnering with an experienced recruitment team, who have years of experience in the industry as we are focussed on identifying the right candidates for our client’s roles. Find out more about us and get in touch today to see how we can help.

Auxeris, we grow with you.

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