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  • Rachel Doyle

It’s time to lean on tech and fast - HR needs support

Nothing screams louder than the need for automation than the current situation. With many businesses reporting talent losses and an inability to fill open positions, something has to give. There are many benefits that automation will bring to the admin side of HR. Finding a balance between automation and human-in-the-loop will be the sweet spot for HR teams. However these changes need to happen fast and HR teams have been burnt by tech mis-selling. Say the word ‘algorithm’ and backs are already up. There are many clever tech solutions available that will support your HR teams to automate those admin heavy tasks that cause the biggest drain on time. Find a recruitment partner who has both the tech and the human know how and you’ve got a powerful solution to partner with. Hello, Auxeris!

Automation in recruitment

There is a place for automation in recruitment but it’s not quite being used correctly in its current form. Platforms still aren’t quite fit for purpose and as a result talented candidates are being turned away because they didn’t Google how to cheat the ATS. When advice being handed out is ‘copy the job spec and post it in the top half of your CV’ then your recruitment will have problems. Your initial screening process becomes ineffective and there are challenges with social mobility and bias creeping in.

There are some things that automation can’t replace

A great HR department is an asset that a business just cannot afford to lose. When HR adds value to the business, they can bring talented teams together and support employees and line managers alike to perform to their full potential. The one thing that cannot be replaced by tech is the human interaction in the relationships that HR builds with current employees and in the recruitment of talent. Interviewing has to be carried out by people. We are emotionally intelligent and interviews still involve an element of behavioural review as well. Those who are switched on can read a lot into a candidate’s body language.

Onboarding is an important part of recruiting a new employee

If you want to build an engaged workforce, this has to start from the moment that candidate accepts their role. First impressions count, so your HR team needs to focus on providing a seamless onboarding process for new talent that reflects the culture of the business. You want to build face-to-face time with the future employee, to really help them to buy into the business and feel welcomed. Find a great recruitment agent and they will support you all the way to day 1 when your new employee steps through the door (virtually too). Why is this so important though? Because simply sending automated content to a candidate as part of their onboarding process is too impersonal. Humans crave interaction, so don’t bombard them with materials and forget about the importance of connection, even if it’s virtual.

Paperwork just keeps piling up - here is where automation is needed

Most HR departments will be familiar with admin overload but when did it become the new normal? An ever-growing pile-up of paperwork is never a good sign and the backlog won’t just be affecting your team, either. How can your HR team possibly be able to effectively manage recruitment processes, applications as well as internal HR matters?

If HR is struggling to stay on top of paperwork, it can have significant consequences for the business – with legal documents and contracts going unchecked, unsigned or even missing among the melee. Are compliance matters being kept in check? What else is being overlooked or lost in the inbox of hell?

It could be affecting employee engagement too, with new starters not getting the onboarding support they need, or facing an anxious wait for their employment contract to be finalised - remember, first impressions matter and onboarding should be a (positive) reflection of your organisation.

If you are looking for support in your recruitment processes, get in touch with Auxeris

Powered by experts, we are the tech enabled recruitment agency with a network of specialist recruiters in many sectors. They have experience in recruiting across a number of different levels. Find out more about our services here and get in touch for a conversation about our recruitment experience.

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