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  • Nicky Webster-Hart

Social Media Recruiting

A very long time ago recruitment agencies worked off their internal databases and guarded these precious babies fiercely. They spent time finding candidates in a particular field - say, for example, Bookkeepers, then kept records of those available for either permanent or temporary positions and then went out and found companies that were looking for Bookkeepers. It wasn’t rocket science and business was divided into three areas; clients, candidates on the databases and interviewing to match candidates to roles.

Then LinkedIn came along. LinkedIn (in case you have been living in the wild these last few years and really don’t know) offers a ready-made database of all those names and contact information that recruiters used to protect with their lives. Access to the right people used to be a recruiters USP but now, with social media, almost everyone seems accessible. LinkedIn even developed their product offering to include a Recruiter Licence for this very purpose. Databases became out of date (especially those for permanent roles) and LinkedIN became the new established way of candidate sourcing for recruiting, especially those higher-end roles.

And now, developed from LinkedIn, we have social recruiting. Gen Z recruiters get this. They talk about posting adverts on social media sites to gain followers who are also candidates. So isn’t it time the rest of us caught on rather than relying on the job boards?

Social recruiting refers to the process of recruiting candidates through social media platforms, like LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter, and other websites, including online forums, job boards, and blogs. Social recruiting is also referred to as social media recruiting, social hiring and social recruitment.

Given the popularity and continued growth of social media, it’s one of the best ways to get the message out about a new opening, promote your company’s culture and put a friendly face to an organisation. Besides just recruitment, social media is heavily used in employer branding. These channels help employers spread the word about their employee value proposition and optimise their inbound recruitment efforts.

With the consistent increase of social media usage, social media recruitment has been gaining on its popularity among talent acquisition professionals. This is not surprising as nearly three-quarters of workers between the ages of 18-34 found their most recent job via social media. Moreover, nearly 90% of recruiters report that they have hired someone off of LinkedIn.

If you’ve ever wondered how to find new employees, leveraging social media in recruitment has many benefits. For some employers, social media channels are the main source of new job candidates and high-quality job applicants. This is because social media hiring enables recruiters and other talent acquisition professionals to better target their audience and reach more people.

Indeed agrees “Social media recruiting is a more modern and convenient method of networking that can help you connect with professionals”.

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