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  • Rachel Doyle

Talent attraction and packages - appealing to Gen Z and Millennials

Help to attract Millennials and Gen Z into your workforce - it's not all about money

Gen Z and Millennials are the current and upcoming generation of workforce that are quickly becoming recognised for their value, drive, and entrepreneurial spirit. With Gen Z born between 1997 and 2012 and Millennials between 1981 and 1996, these ambitious professionals are highly skilled in latest technologies, and have exceptional communication skills. Growing up in a fast-paced world and surviving financial crises, as well as being faced with new and emerging job opportunities at every turn, the expectations from this new generation are very different to the ones that came before them. Here’s how you can attract – and retain – Gen Z and Millennials into your workplace.

Ensure your values align with theirs

Gen Zers and Millennials are among the most socially conscious generations of our time. They want to work for companies whose values align with theirs. These young professionals want to see businesses who take issues like inclusion and diversity, social justice, and climate change seriously. Review these policies within your company and take action where you can make a positive change. Cultural fit is not all about whether a candidate fits your culture, a candidate wants to know if you fit their values.

Culture fit matters

There is a fair bit of conversation going on about cultural fit and why it matters to a candidate, this is because research has shown that GenZers and Millennials are more motivated by social causes. They want to work within a business that shares their values. That is passionate about saving the planet as they are and is working towards doing their bit to hit net zero. However, whether company culture has adapted far enough to this remains to be seen. It isn’t about lunchtime yoga, pool tables and free food - candidates want to see businesses putting their money where their mouth is and investing back into their local community. They spend so much time at work that they want to feel like they belong to the business. Money will always be important but wellbeing and culture are a close second.

Focus on wellbeing

Millennials and, especially, Gen Zers have grown up surrounded by tech and mobile phones. This makes them familiar with feelings of burnout and they are acutely aware of the importance of logging off and getting some down time. Not to mention, these generations are well-informed on looking after their own and others’ mental health. Ensure that these matters are not overlooked in your company’s ethos. You can read more about this in our article here.

Provide flexible working opportunities

These generations are more likely to appreciate being incentivised for their work, rather than the hours they spend at the office. So, if you want to attract Gen Zers and Millennials, be prepared to offer flexible working opportunities, allowing them to work from wherever they are. If possible, focus on rewarding them for their productivity, instead of sticking to the traditional 40-hour work week. It’s important to mention that these generations place far greater value on their work-life balance. They are prepared to work hard, but, considering the financial odds are against them, they’d prefer to be rewarded for completed projects, rather than how long they can spend at the office.

Place importance on learning and development

Gen Zers and Millennial professionals are adaptable, eager to learn and place a lot of importance on personal development and education. They are also less likely to stay in the same role for as long as previous generations. To keep them keen to work for you, consistent learning and development opportunities are a must. Strive to be a company that provides lots of new opportunities and up to date skill sets. Don’t forget to also provide consistent feedback throughout their careers.

Use up-to-date tech

Last but by no means least, these two generations of professionals are extremely tech savvy. Using up to date technology is a significant factor when choosing their next employer, especially, as they see it as a tool for productivity and flexible work opportunities. Ensure that your work environment provides employees with everything they need to do their job as efficiently as possible.

Help with your recruitment

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