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  • Rachel Doyle

Why embracing part time working can be a boost to your business performance

Hiring part time staff and employees can have a financial benefit to a business. If you operate a job share with a part time employee you could bring together two highly skilled employees with ideas and abilities and skills that they have gathered working elsewhere. Their experience can provide a welcome boost to your team and business’ productivity. On top of this, you can offer a part time opportunity to a highly skilled individual who may not be able to work on a full time basis due to caring or childcare responsibilities. Equally you could open out opportunities to take advantage of those older candidates who bear a wealth of knowledge and experience but due to lifestyle choices don’t wish to work full time any more.

A team built around your needs

A part time employee can boost productivity and bring support on the days you need it most. The flexibility that a part time contract or permanent part time employee brings are in the time that they can be in the office / working from home on your business. You could use this as a way to cover some of the unsociable working patterns such as evenings or weekend work. This might cover things such as social media where permanent full time employees don’t want to be working evenings and weekends. It could also be used to cover times when particular reports need to be completed or when meetings might be taking place that they can add value to.

Offering greater flexibility to talented employees that want it

Depending on personal responsibilities and requirements outside of work, some talented individuals are lost to the workplace due to inflexible working schedules, hours and requirements. By embracing and offering flexibility through part time work, you can open up your opportunities to different working cohorts. They may be mothers returning to work, whether that is after maternity leave or after many years’ having a working ‘break’. This might open up the opportunity to offer working patterns to skilled workers with disabilities or neurodiverse employees who may not wish to work full time either or who are transitioning into the workplace.

Part time employees are loyal

If an employee is respected, doing a good job and contributing to the team which they feel a part of, whilst feeling well remunerated and engaged, they are more likely to commit to the business for the long term. For many years’ part time jobs were like gold dust and very few and far between. Often because of businesses desire to have permanent full time employees in a role that requires full time work and not opening up themselves to the potential that a role can be carried out effectively by two part time employees as long as communication remains strong between them both, the team and their line manager. Now since the covid shake up, businesses are releasing that it is possible to operate teams in a different way to how this has been done in the past.

It saves on costs

If you don’t currently have enough workload for a full time employee but you want to attract a talented individual, the part time role opportunity can offer this for you. When you attract that right part time employee to the business your team productivity can increase once they are up to speed with the business. You aren’t paying for an employee to get bored with not enough work to do, yet if the workload should increase significantly, you have the ability to offer up the permanent role to your part time employee without the additional recruitment costs, or the recruitment costs against the full time hire salary.

What is the advantage of taking on a part time member of staff?

By offering up part time working you are appealing to parents and people with caring responsibilities. There are many talented individuals who want to be part of a business and contribute to a team but are unable to due to other limiting factors. By enabling them to work part time, they are able to get a foot back into the workforce and can see how worklife suits them.

Partner with Auxeris - the tech enabled recruiter

If you are looking to make a part time, temporary or temp to perm hire, get in touch with Auxeris. Our network of specialist recruiters partners with clients to ensure that they understand their culture, the nature of the business, the current team dynamic and the requirements of the role. Many of them come with industry experience, having worked in similar roles before. This means that they are ideally placed to identify those candidates that will meet your needs. They are also adept at understanding the complexities of a parent returning to work after a break from the workplace and identifying exactly how their skills will fit with your recruitment brief. Get in touch today for a chat and more information on hiring with Auxeris.

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