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  • Rachel Doyle

Why working with a recruiter is better than applying direct - six reasons for success!

Working with a recruiter can be great for getting the job

As a candidate and the bad stories that go around about recruiters, it can be tempting to apply directly to the prospective employer. However, we want to stress that not all recruiters are like this. There are many good recruiters out there and we hope that you have had the benefit of working with them at some point in your career history. There are some strong reasons to apply via a recruiter and here is why it will work better. Here are our top six reasons to consider:

Less chance of having your time wasted

When you work with a specialist recruiter such as at Auxeris, you can be confident that they have a strong relationship with the hiring teams. They will know exactly what the client is looking for not only in terms of skills but also in terms of the cultural fit to their business. They will have been asking the right questions and have got to know the client so that they can identify the best fit candidates not only on skills but also on potential and team fit.

Many of our recruiters have industry experience and have worked in the roles they are recruiting for, so they know the skills set that are required. They will know the right questions to ask you about your experience and background in order to identify if you are the type of candidate the client is looking for. When they put your CV forward, they will respond to let you know even if it is a no, so that you can focus on other opportunities. The further you are in the process, the more feedback you should receive based on the outcome of your interviews.

Someone organising the recruitment, or reminding them to be organised

We often hear from candidates who have been applying direct that they haven’t always had the best experience. The common responses are that they have had their interviews moved around at short notice and that they have been told what time they can interview at, rather than it being a two way process of finding a mutual time. It might not sound like much of a big deal, but when you are working in a job and you are taking time out to attend interviews, there are only so many times you can get your ‘dentist’ appointment wrong!

More chance of direct feedback and hearing what has happened in the process

This is a big one because it relates to respect for your time and the effort you have put into an interview. We’ve recently talked about how interviews have changed lately and are more about finding out about the company and the employees in the business and crucially they’ve never heard anything about the outcome of the interview.

A better match - great recruiters understands the hiring business culture and needs

Thanks to the recruiter having built a strong relationship with their client, they will be able to quickly identify those candidates who are a match both on skills and personality. They will also work with you to identify what your future goals are career wise. If they’re a great recruiter they will care just as much about getting you the career move you deserve and pushing to get the remuneration you are worth.

Someone fighting your corner and reminding them of why you are the ideal candidate for their business

People are busy, the longer it takes between an interview and the feedback loop, the chances are that either party forgets what they liked about each other, or that you get interest from elsewhere. When you apply direct, if you haven’t heard from the HR department it can be daunting following up on the process. How long should you leave it before reaching out? What if they said they’d respond and you didn’t hear anything back. Do you get in touch again? With a recruiter on your team, all of this is taken care of.

Working with a recruiter can help you the salary you want and deserve

This can always be an unnerving experience, but it is so much easier if you have a recruiter that knows your worth, knows all about your experience and salary and what you are looking for with your next move. Don’t get us wrong, sometimes companies will have a set figure in mind and won’t always move away from that, but the best recruiters will try their utmost to get you the most salary that they can based on their knowledge of what the salary band is, understanding what the going market rate is and knowing what your skills and ability are, as well as the salary that you want to move for. They will also have details of any other offers you may have and will go in to negotiate on your behalf and make recommendations for the salary that you should be offered. Most of the time, this comes to a successful conclusion.

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