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  • Nicky Webster-Hart

Why you should include salary details when you are advertising a role.

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Post-pandemic hiring is a very different animal to that before Covid. To find the best talent businesses need to have an agility of mindset and approach, adaptability to shifting markets and understanding the candidate-led hiring process. Glassdoor have stated that they believe that 2022 will focus on navigating the new normal and employees’ elevated power. If you want the best talent, simply put, the need to recruit better and that includes adding salary details when advertising for a role.

We say this a lot, because it is true - recruiting talent using amateurs is not a sensible thing to do. You will lose time and money so let the experts handle your recruitment. Recruit well and you will save money. Retain your talent and you will save more. Use recruitment consultants who are the experts in their field, listen to their advice. Use a hiring timeline so you stay on track and understand salary trends within your market and you will find the best talent. Unfortunately a lot of organisations are still working with out of date hiring methodologies, long processes and are struggling to hire. They need to recruit better.

A common mistake and often a red flag that an organisation is woefully out of date is failing to put salaries on job postings. At Auxeris, we strongly advocate putting salary ranges on job adverts and being able to disclose that information on the first exploratory conversions with candidates. However, it is worth remembering that recruiters are bound by their clients’ wishes and despite educating clients on the merits of transparency in terms of salary ranges, we find some of our clients are still adverse.

It isn’t just recruiters who say that not putting the talent is the biggest factor in not attracting talent. In fact, LinkedIn has said that 70% of professionals will want to hear about salary in the first message from a recruiter. So please, businesses, cut out the middleman and include it in the job posting. It'll save you time (ruling out candidates that are not appropriate) while simultaneously giving vital information to potentially interested candidates. It will also help you understand the market - if you are getting little interest in the role it may be your salary ranges are out of date and need rethinking. This can also help you understand whether your salaries to existing staff need to be updated - you want to retain your talent as recruitment is expensive. Get over the concerns that someone may find the job from within your organisation, better be proactive and pay your staff what the market dictates and they are worth rather than have them leave and you have to start a recruitment process all over again.

As recruiters, we unfortunately see poor recruiting processes all the time - clients complaining about their ‘bad luck’ with hiring and yet they have an over-complicated, over-long recruitment process, keep changing their goal posts as to what they are looking for and have poor, slow communication, often not responding for weeks. We still see employers ask for the top talent yet are clear they only want to pay the bottom rates. Time to stop these out of date hiring practices.

If you want talent you need to be open minded as to talent, have a slick process with a timeline agreed in advance and responsive and fast moving hiring managers, know the market rate and be prepared to pay it.

Good candidates get snapped up quickly. If you are taking your time to review CVs or set up interviews then you will lose talent and probably directly to your competitors. Candidates who dip their toe in the market are overwhelmed with options and opportunities so move fast, very very very fast if you want to find talent for your business and be the best in your sector, pay well and shout this loud - your competitors will be and you don’t want the best talent to go to work for them!

Here’s the thing also – that perfect candidate rarely exists. It’s like house hunting, you have your dream home but in the end you have to focus on what is available within your price bracket and if you dither, someone else comes along and snaps it up. So do your research (or work with a recruiter who will do that for you), find out what you need to pay and be clear and transparent about it.

If you are looking for specialist support for your next hire or you would like to talk to us about proactive recruitment and how Auxeris can help - get in touch here for a confidential conversation today. We're an agency that has a network of experienced, specialist recruiters who will work with you to help you identify and recruit top talent for your business. We'll become an extension of your business, an experienced consultative ear, to help you build successful teams that boost your bottom line.

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