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  • Rachel Doyle

You can't hire talent without identifying their true skills and match to your business' culture fit

Hiring top talent necessitates a more refined, in-depth recruitment process. You are not just looking for another casual employee who may leave within a few months. Recruitment is expensive, whether you outsource it or run it internally. There are the costs of sourcing, time to find that person and downtime whilst your team is not operating at capacity. If that hire leaves in 3-6 months time, you have additional time and costs to hire, as well as the impact to morale etc. It’s a huge deal. What you want to find is a candidate that will excel in the workplace, someone dedicated to your vision and an employee that fits well with your company culture and your existing team dynamic. There are so many variables to consider when hiring and retaining top talent.

Why hiring talent is important

Finding the right candidate for your business is crucial. Flawed and ineffective recruitment processes will cost you time and money in the process. Hire the wrong talent and you are looking at a high staff turnover, poor engagement and communication across the team and stifled business growth as a result. This is where refining your recruitment process will lay the foundations for a successful future.

How to recruit top talent

Start with identifying your ideal candidate and work your recruitment process back from that. Where are you likely to find this potential employee? Social media? Job boards? If so, which platforms? Perhaps they are likely to visit your careers page?

Develop a recruitment process that engages the candidate. It starts with a clear vacancy that highlights all the important details about the job, while giving them a good idea of what it will be like to work for you. Don’t keep them waiting too long or leave them confused about their next steps. Stay in touch with regular updates, whether the candidates are successful or not.

You may also want to adapt your recruitment process when hiring top talent. For example, if you have a good feeling about a candidate, you could expedite the referencing process or another part of the assessment, accelerating your decision making and locking down your new employee.

Ways to attract top talent

Knowing where to find your talent is half the battle. What would your ideal candidate look for? Their age bracket, lifestyle and industry expectations will inform the likelihood they’ll be interested in your role.

Think of your company values and how they would align with your ideal candidate. Would they be expecting flexible work opportunities? What benefits can you offer that are unique to your company and allow you to compete with businesses in your industry? Perhaps you have a smaller company where you have a tight knit team and a better workplace culture than your corporate competitors. Or maybe you offer flexible work opportunities, and are committed to employee wellbeing. Supporting social causes and making a positive difference can also be appealing to the right candidate.

On top of this, candidates are also interested in their career, development opportunities and having a possible career path with a company mapped out. If you can provide some clarity on potential future moves and what support will be given for them to develop, the better.

Of course, salary will be important for attracting top talent, but today’s job searchers are looking for more than that. They are looking for a community, development opportunities and a work environment that meets their expectations. Which brings us to our final point…

Finding top talent who are an ideal culture fit

Once you’ve found your ideal candidate, the next step is retaining them. This is where finding people who have the right soft skills, mindset and values that align with your company is so important. The way the potential employee will gel with your team, whether their ambitions align with what your company can provide will be the deciding factor in retaining top talent. By continuing to invest in your employees and delivering support for their wellbeing and health, you will go a long way to retaining that talent in your business. By hiring the right employee from the beginning by giving them the ability to show up and do their best work every day in a flexible manner that suits their life you will build an engaged workforce and culture, where you see a reduction in employee turnover.

Find out how Auxeris can help you with your recruitment process and identify the best matched talent to your business, team and culture. Get in touch today.

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