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Better expertise. Simpler terms.



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Our recruiters are experts in finding the right talent to join your team long term. 

Temporary Work



Not only can we get you the best talent, we can also handle all of your payroll needs.

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Growth Planning

We want to be part of your journey and that means working with you as you grow.



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.



We do things a little differently around here...


Our network of specialist recruiters are carefully chosen to ensure you get the best recruitment service possible. We match you to the ideal recruiter to ensure things run smoothly.

Our streamlined admin and payment system eliminates much of the work. This means we can take a more competitive commission than other agencies, and spend more time focusing on the human elements.


We charge just 15% commission on placements, whilst having more time to focus on the quality of our service. 

Schedule Call
Schedule Call
Schedule Call
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Get in touch and tell us what you're looking for.


We'll ask you a few questions about the vacancy.


We'll match and introduce you to our perfect recruiter.

They'll do what they do best... Find you the perfect candidate.

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The Auxeris team will handle everything else!


"The quality of Auxeris' recruiters has been excellent, and the billings process has reduced the workload on our side."
Georgie K.
Changing Social



Auxeris isn't a recruitment agency. We're something different. We believe in low costs that don't have to drive down quality.


By standardising our pricing across all placements, both temporary and permanent, we remove money from the equation and refocus back on the one thing that matters: getting you the right candidate.


We want to find you the best talent through our comprehensive and rigorous recruitment processes.


The Auxeris Recruitment Specialists build long-lasting relationships with their candidates, and invest time in understanding the identity of your company, meaning they can find the ideal person for you and ensure your talent retention.


89% of hiring failures are due to cultural fit; the part of the process no piece of tech can ever really manage.


We use technology to automate the most tedious parts of the recruitment process so that our consultants can dedicate more time to ensuring the right fit for your company.


We believe technology should not compromise the personal touch.


Louisa Plint

A big welcome to Auxeris, whether you are a client, a candidate or would like to join us as a recruitment specialist we’re shaking up the recruitment model to focus on you all.


You’ll find that we’re not your average recruitment company, we’ve identified the problems in the model and we’re making a big change! From the way that clients are billed and experience recruitment, to the way that recruiters are rewarded and supported, to how candidates are treated.

For years recruitment has refused to evolve, but we're here to change that... for the better!

Nicky Webster-Hart


Each of the Auxeris team has 10-20 years experience in their respective fields.

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Gustaf Heydenrych

Recruitment Specialist

IT/Technology, Consulting, Finance

Gustaf is a former Quantitive Analyst with a background in analytical development, risk, mathematics and economics who now focuses on sourcing the best technical candidates for his clients on an international scale.

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May Martin

Recruitment Specialist

Digital/Media, Sales/Marketing, Legal

May provides expert recruitment services across IT, Digital Marketing, Legal, and Admin with over 7 years of experience in law and HR.

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Nic Papadopoulos

Recruitment Specialist

Finance, IT/Technology, Supply Chain

Nic is an experienced Recruiter and Talent Acquisition Specialist and has worked in various organisations in the Financial Services sector and Tech start-ups helping them build strong teams. He specialises in Financial Services, Procurement & Supply Chain, Transformation & IT Start-ups.

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Helen Webster

Recruitment Specialist

Sales/Marketing, Admin/Ops, Creative

Helen offers specialist recruitment for all aspects of the creative sector, concentrating in particular on Digital and Creative Content, Design, Broadcasting, T.V. Editing and Production, Digital Marketing, Media Technology, and Advertising.

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Angeline Etta

Recruitment Specialist

Sales/Marketing, Human Resources, Admin/Ops

Angeline is a personable and solutions-focused recruitment consultant specialising in entry-level and graduate Sales/Marketing, HR and non-technical roles in the Tech industry.

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Ronnie Browning

Recruitment Specialist

IT/Technology, Retail/Hospitality, Medical

Ronnie has over 16+ years experience within Recruitment. He has worked in many different industries and sectors as a Talent Lead and is a very pro-active recruiter. He prides himself on ensuring both candidates and hiring managers have an enjoyable hiring experience.

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Steve Betts

Recruitment Specialist

Digital/Media, IT/Technology, R&D

Steve provides expert recruitment services across IT, Digital Marketing and Data with over 15 years tech talent experience. He has has both internal and agency experience resulting in 360 degree recruitment knowledge.

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Toussaint McGill-Hall

Recruitment Specialist

IT/Technology, Logistics, Gaming

Toussaint has placed candidates into roles throughout the UK and Europe for the past five years. He has experience in SaaS, IT start-ups, logistics, online gaming, e-commerce, and banking. He prioritises quality over quantity when working with clients.

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Gary Nice

Recruitment Specialist

Admin/Ops, Human Resources, Finance

Gary provides bespoke recruitment solutions across all aspects of operations and central functions. He has an in depth understanding of the HR function due to his in-house experience.

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Duvall Carter

Recruitment Specialist

IT/Technology, Legal, Retail/Hospitality

Specialist recruitment for mid-senior Operations and Commercial roles within Enterprise Technology with particular focus on HospitalityTech, Legal and Intellectual Property Tech, MedTech, SpaceTech, AgriTech and FinTech (including Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies).

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Katie Pinder

Recruitment Specialist

Retail/Hospitality, Construction, Education

Katie is an experienced recruiter. In addition to agency recruitment, Katie also has a wealth of experience of in house recruitment including Construction, Retail and Education. Katie also brings knowledge in recruitment of Graduates and Apprentices.

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Jed Blankson

Recruitment Specialist

IT/Technology, Digital/Media, Consulting

Jed is an experienced recruiter with a strong focus on identifying and engaging technical candidates at all levels, working with various companies in different industries from start-ups to large, global businesses

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Andreea Galenco

Recruitment Specialist

Education, Industrial, Finance

Andreea is an experienced Recruitment Professional with a demonstrated history of working in the staffing and recruiting industry for the UK and EU market.

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Leo Tognetti

Recruitment Specialist

Sales/Marketing, Digital/Media, IT/Technology

Leo has 7+ years of experience growing product and delivery teams for some of the largest tech companies in the world as well as some exciting, disruptive start-ups.

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Maxine Hanson

Recruitment Specialist

IT/Technology, Human Resources, Executive

An experienced agency recruitment consultant, across a range of market sectors, IT, executive search, HR, commercial, requirements. You can expect a friendly professional welcome, and your ideal match fit candidate as requested.

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Roury Hinds

Recruitment Specialist

Education, Graduate, IT/Technology

Roury is a specialist recruiter in technology, education and early careers. Over the past 8 years, he has placed candidates from apprentice up to C-suite across the UK and US. He prioritises candidate experience and delivering quality over quantity — with a passion for diversity and equity.

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Saleem Sheikh

Recruitment Specialist

Sales/Marketing, IT/Technology, Admin/Ops

Saleem has over 15 years experience in Recruitment, with a mixture of internal and external experience. Directly working with Hewlett Packard, Vodafone, IBM, Maersk, Zalando. Specialising in Technical, Sales and General Functions.

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Nicola Murdoch

Recruitment Specialist

Digital/Media, Finance, IT/Technology

Nicola is a specialist recruiter in the media, tech, online and finance sectors focused on international bespoke temporary, permanent and contract recruitment services. Nicola has experience in global television media sales, content production and HR talent acquisition.

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Mischa Walmsley

Recruitment Specialist

Mischa is an experienced Consultant, Talent Acquisition Partner, and Recruiter who specialises in supporting the strategic hiring of complex Technology businesses, start-ups, and scale ups globally.

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Jack Byrne

Recruitment Specialist

Property, Medical, IT/Technology

Jack has over 7 years experience in multiple industries which include : Property, Tech, Medical and Automotive Apprenticeship Recruitment. He wants to bring the best experiences to both his clients and candidates.

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Phil Chalmers

Recruitment Specialist

IT/Technology, Consulting, Admin/Ops

Phil has inhouse and agency recruitment experience, regularly head hunted by the likes of Michael Page. He is a highly respected tech/IT recruiter as well as experienced in talent search for change and transformation roles – regularly the go-to person for management consultancies.

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Abbé Frost

Recruitment Specialist

Medical, IT/Technology, R&D

Abbe is an experienced recruitment consultant with a background in agency and in-house recruitment specialising in technology, pharmaceutical and medical sectors across the UK and the US.

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Deborah Famosa

Recruitment Specialist

Legal, Finance, Digital/Media

Deborah is a specialist recruiter across various fields with a background in law and business. Deborah has a wealth of experience and specialises in the financial services, legal, and IT sectors for permanent, secondment, contracting, or project-based roles.

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Merlene Davies

Recruitment Specialist

E-Commerce, Sales/Marketing, IT/Technology

Merlene has 15+ years international experience. She has supported a range of multinationals as well as start-ups in Tech, E-Commerce, Pharma, FMCG and Financial Services with a focus on EU, UK, North America, Scandinavia, Australia and South African markets.

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Molly Smailova

Recruitment Specialist

Executive, IT/Technology, Construction

Molly is a recruitment consultant with experience placing executive, leadership & experienced hires within IT, Oil and gas, Construction, Sales/Marketing and Financial services. She has a combination of agency and in-house recruitment experience within EMEA and APAC.

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Karl Davies

Recruitment Specialist

Executive, Finance, Human Resources

Karl has 20 years of industry knowledge and has built a reputation of honesty, integrity, trust and transparency. He has worked across a broad spectrum of industries including Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction, Healthcare, Banking, Legal and Charities.

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Kingsley Geddes

Recruitment Specialist

IT/Technology, Digital/Media, Admin/Ops

Kingsley has led and driven recruitment engagements for notable businesses from Tech start-ups to large enterprises specifically undergoing digital transformation. His specialisms within IT and Product but extends to UI/UX, Cloud, Data and Service Delivery.




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